Are Most Republican Candidates Anti-Worker?

TAMUNING. – The Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG) have raised concerns that the Republican Party of Guam’s senatorial candidates are not interested in representing the interests of the working people of Guam. In just seventy-eight days, tens of thousands of ordinary working-class people may no longer have the federally-funded Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program toContinue reading “Are Most Republican Candidates Anti-Worker?”

Progressive Democrats of Guam Release 2020 Candidate Guide

The Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG) have released their 2020 Candidate Guide, based upon responses to their senatorial candidate survey and review of each candidate’s public record of public statements and actions in office, for incumbents. “Our survey evaluation committee has chosen to highlight the top seven candidates whose positions on the topics of thisContinue reading “Progressive Democrats of Guam Release 2020 Candidate Guide”

PDG Stands Up for All Workers

The Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG) would like to thank the Republican Party of Guam for increasing the attention to our fledgling, underfunded organization. It is amazing that the Republicans think PDG is a threat to their party’s agenda of taking away support for the unemployed and destroying jobs of ordinary government workers. Last week,Continue reading “PDG Stands Up for All Workers”

PDG shares candidate survey

TAMUNING. — A six-question survey was sent to candidates for Guam’s Legislature today by the Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG), a grassroots organization promoting progressive values, policies, and candidates in Guam. The survey seeks to better inform Guam voters by asking candidates to clarify their stances on issues of vital social and economic importance, suchContinue reading “PDG shares candidate survey”