Progressive Democrats of Guam Release 2020 Candidate Guide

The Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG) have released their 2020 Candidate Guide, based upon responses to their senatorial candidate survey and review of each candidate’s public record of public statements and actions in office, for incumbents.

“Our survey evaluation committee has chosen to highlight the top seven candidates whose positions on the topics of this year’s PDG survey are most consistent with progressive values,” said Julian Janssen, PDG’s Chapter Leader.

The seven most progressive candidates, according to PDG’s evaluation, are Mr. Chris Carillo, Senator Clynt Ridgell, Tina Muña Barnes, Senator Joe San Agustin, Senator Sabina Perez, Senator Kelly Marsh (Taitano), and Senator Amanda Shelton.

“We want to encourage every progressive to stand up, take action, and vote in this election,” said Janssen. “We believe that our evaluation of candidates provides useful information for progressives to make more informed choices and we hope they will consider the information we have presented.”

The PDG survey used for the 2020 Candidate Guide addresses issues PDG believes are important to the people of Guam, including: unemployment insurance; layoffs caused by slashing the Business Privilege Tax (BPT); providing additional compensation for essential workers; providing PPE for workers; advancing healthcare for all; and, enhancing enforcement of environmental protection laws.

PDG reached out to candidates of both major political parties for their views on progressive issues. PDG have posted the entire 2020 Candidate Guide on our website.

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