The Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG) have published a 2020 Candidate Guide to provide Guam’s progressive community with more information about candidates based on their responses to its 6-question survey on progressive issues. PDG is highlighting a list of the seven candidates who are most progressive. The following are the seven candidates highlighted in its 2020 Candidate Guide:

(1) Christopher L. “Chris” Carillo

(2) Clynton E. “Clynt” Ridgell

(3) Tina R. Muña Barnes

(4) Joe S. San Agustin

(5) Sabina E. Perez

(6) Kelly Marsh (Taitano)

(7) Amanda L. Shelton

You may review the 2020 Candidate Guide, which provides detailed results, methodology, and candidate responses by downloading the document below.

PDG submitted a 6-question survey to all 2020 candidates for senator on Thursday, October 1. PDG’s survey seeks to raise important issues for candidates and voters and give us an opportunity to better inform Guam voters by evaluating candidates on issues of vital social and economic importance, such as: unemployment insurance; layoffs caused by cutting the Business Privilege Tax; providing additional compensation for essential workers; providing PPE for workers; advancing healthcare for all; and, enhancing enforcement of environmental protection laws.

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