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The Progressive Democrats of Guam are committed to transforming the Democratic Party of Guam and the Territory of Guam to embrace progressive values. Please sign up to become part of our movement.


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Please inform yourself the PDG’s latest initiatives to transform the Democratic Party of Guam and the Territory of Guam.

Support Unemployment Insurance

Guam’s working families need unemployment insurance!

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PDG has two campaigns for 2020 which are linked together by progressive policy and progressive values. We have put together these focused campaigns on a few policy priorities to build our movement and encourage support for progressive policies among both voters and candidates for the 36th Guam Legislature.

PDG is developing a 2020 Policy Platform which advances priorities which are progressive and emphasize the pressing needs of the people of Guam, especially those who are marginalized.

PDG is developing a 2020 Candidate Guide to highlight candidates who support policy priorities which are outlined in our policy platform and most closely embody our progressive values.

Oppose Layoffs of GovGuam Workers

Slashing the Business Privilege Tax by 1% will make hundreds of GovGuam workers unemployed to benefit mostly a few large corporations. Put people before profits!