The People Have Spoken, They Embrace Progressive Politics

Hagatna—The Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG) congratulate Lou and Josh on their LANDSLIDE victory against Camacho Ada. “The people have spoken resoundingly and have rejected the politics of division and embraced a politics of progress,” said Julian Janssen, Chapter Leader of PDG. “We believe the people of Guam are committed to building the kind of community that will only come from their engagement in the politics advocating the interests of working class families.”

This year also saw the election of a SOLID 9-6 Democratic Majority. The new faces to politics which were elected this year were overwhelmingly Democrats (4/5), three of which were progressives who were endorsed by PDG for their support of the organization’s 2022 Political Platform, which includes:
• Protecting the rights of pregnant people to choose when and if they would have an abortion.
• Securing the rights of our people to health care by establishing a tax-funded universal single-payer health insurance system.
• Defending working families’ livelihoods by establishing an employer-funded system of unemployment insurance.
• Advancing the right to a living wage by raising the minimum wage to $11.25 by 2024.
• Securing the right to transportation for working class people by expanding the GRTA Fleet to 100 Electric Buses and providing the charging stations to support them.
• Realizing the right to education for young adults by providing free public college at GCC and UOG.

These incoming prospective lawmakers are William M. Parkinson, Roy A. Quinata, and Dwayne San Nicolas. Getting elected well above several incumbent and former senators shows the character of change that the people of Guam want to see in their community. They do not want a politics with limited vision, helping only the wealthy few at the expense of the ordinary working people of Guam. They want a politics with a broader vision of reshaping the community to ensure that all the people of Guam will be included, all will have their rights respected, and where all will see a fair share of the prosperity and opportunity which the working people have built and continue to build for our island.

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